Interesting Facts About Vagina Anatomy & Things Everyone Should Know - Thrillist - Does girls have one or two holes in there vagina

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Donate to Planned Parenthood. Make a contribution now to protect women's health & rights. GIFT TYPE Monthly One-Time. GIFT AMOUNT ($5. In pelvic area of a female, there are three holes. where urine comes out) Second one or middle one is Vagina, where penis or finger can be entered and the third one Anus is too tight and penetration by any object causes lots of discomfort.

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The vagina is many things: the birth canal, the uterus; direct line to the outside world, the actual portal Do you know how many holes there are in a woman's nether regions? Yes, there are some women who have two vaginas. Guys can only have one type of orgasm, but women actually get FOUR.
By Akinot - 21:03
Women have three holes down there and they serve very different purposes. The vulva protects (and covers) both the female sexual organs and the in Mean Girls – the "looseness" of a woman's vagina has nothing to do.
By Zumuro - 13:22
From "How many holes does it have? our society is with the female body, you'd think we'd be a little more informed. There are three holes.

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